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J. Albertz, M. Attwenger, J Barrett, S Casley, P. Dorninger, E Dorrer, H. Ebner, S Gehrke, B Giese, K. Gwinner, C. Heipke, E. Howington-Kraus, R. Kirk, H. Lehmann, H. Mayer, J. Muller, J. Oberst, A. Ostrovskiy, J. Renter, S. Reznik, R. Schmidt, F. Scholten, M. Spiegel, U. Stilla, M. Wählisch, G. Neukum et al.:
"HRSC on Mars Express - Photogrammetric and Cartographic Research";

English abstract:
The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on the European spacecraft Mars Express is the first camera on a planetary mission especially designed for photogrammetric and cartographic purposes. Since January 2004 the camera has been taking image data from the Martian surface, characterized by high-resolution, stereo capability and color. These data provide an enormous potential for the generation of 3D surface models, color orthoimages, topographic and thematic maps, and additional products. The image data acquired undergo calibration and systematic processing to orthoimages and 3D data products. Within the international HRSC Science Team the members of the Photogrammetric/Cartographic Working Group are concerned with further refinements in order to achieve highest quality data products. These activities comprise improvements of the exterior orientation of the camera, various approaches to enhance DTM quality, and the generation of maps in the standard scale of 1:200 000 and larger scales as well. The paper reports on these activities and the results achieved so far.

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