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G. Retscher, A. Kealy:
"Ubiquitous Positioning Technologies for Intelligent Navigation Systems";
Poster: 2nd Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication, University of Hannover, Germany, Hannover, Germany (invited); 2005-03-17 - 2005-03-18; in: "Hannoversche Beiträge zur Nachrichtentechnik", Shaker Verlag, 0.2 (2005), ISBN: 3-8322-3746-1; 99 - 108.

English abstract:
Recently new location technologies have emerged that can be employed in modern advanced navigation systems. They can be employed to augment common satellite positioning techniques (GNSS) and dead reckoning as they offer different levels of positioning accuracies and performance. An integration of other technologies is especially required in indoor and outdoor-to-indoor environments. The paper gives an overview of the newly developed ubiquitous positioning technologies and their integration in navigation systems. Furthermore two case studies are presented, i.e., the improvement of land vehicle safety using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and pedestrian navigation services for the guidance of users to certain University offices. In the first case study the integration of map matching into a Kalman filter approach is performed (referred to as "Intelligent Navigation") and its principle is briefly described. This approach can also be adapted for the pedestrian navigation service described in the second case study.

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