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F. Rottensteiner, H. Kager, C. Briese, K. Kraus:
"LIDAR Activities at the Viennese Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing";
Talk: 3rd International LIDAR Workshop, "Mapping Geo-Surficial Processes Using Laser Altimetry", Ohio State University, Columbus (invited); 2002-10-07 - 2002-10-09.

English abstract:
In the recent years, LIDAR has emerged as an efficient technology for capturing 3D data. In this paper, we will describe the activities of the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Vienna University of Technology (I.P.F.) in the field of LIDAR processing. At the I.P.F., a method for filtering LIDAR data based on robust linear prediction has been developed. This filtering method has been applied for the automatic generation of digital terrain models. In densely built-up areas, the method has to be applied to thinned-out data first to eliminate large areas of points reflected at the roofs of buildings, which results in a hierarchic application of robust linear prediction. To improve the geomorphologic quality of digital terrain models derived from LIDAR data, break lines have to be detected in these data. Two techniques for that purpose developed at the I.P.F. are described in this paper. Hierarchic robust linear prediction can also be the basis for building extraction from LIDAR data: the points having been eliminated in DTM estimation are further classified according to whether they have been reflected on the tops of buildings or not, and connected regions of building points ("building regions") are further analysed with the goal of finding planar patches and grouping these patches to reconstruct polyhedral building models. Finally, the I.P.F.īs activities in the field of LIDAR calibration are described. This covers a method for simultaneous height fitting of LIDAR strips and a more sophisticated technique based on modelling both the flight paths and the sensor attitudes by splines.

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