Contributions to Proceedings:

E. Csaplovics, U. Herbig, Ch. Diekmann:
"World Heritage in the Digital Age, An Interdisciplinary Approach";
in: "Heritage Management Mapping: GIS and Multimedia, Alexandria - Egypt, October 21-23, 2002", issued by: Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage; UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris, 2004, (invited), 55 - 63.

English abstract:
More than ever - whenever and wherever we enter the Digital Age - the task in terms of World Heritage will remain: commonly working on the human capacity to form communities, enhance life and continuously appeal for a natural and cultural balanced world.Therefore World Heritage might fulfill an essential function in:
- clearly stating the sustainable principle, fostering participation among the human community on this globe
- offering, protecting, presenting and developing natural and cultural carriers of meaning
- supporting the share each human being has in keeping up a human environment on natural and cultural grounds.
Whatever marvels future "world-constructions" in combined virtual and real layers will create, we should not forget about using these techniques to develop methods and means to manage risks and to help reestablish sense and identity when needed. Furthermore we may acknowledge the capacity of the digital means in visualizing, documenting, reconstructing, presenting and thus protecting our common heritage as "world heritage of the people, by the people and for the people".

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