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G. Gartner, A. Frank, G. Retscher:
"Pedestrian Navigation System in mixed indoor/outdoor environment - The NAVIO Project";
Talk: CORP 2004 Geo-Multimedia 04, Wien; 2004-02-25 - 2004-02-27; in: "CORP 2004 GeoMultimedia 04", M. Schrenk (ed.); Selbstverlag des Instituts für EDV-gestützte Methoden in Architektur und Raumplanung, (2004), 165 - 171.

English abstract:
Pedestrians have often ways in unfamiliar urban environment or in complex buildings. In these cases they need guidance to reach their targets, for example a specific room in a local authorities´ building, a counter, or an institute at a university. The goal of location-based mobile services is to provide such guidance on demand (anywhere, anytime), individually tailored to the actual information needs and presented in preferred forms. This project is focusing on the information aspect of location-based services, i.e. on the user´s task at hand and the support of the user´s decisions by information provided by such a service. Specifying a task ontology will yield context-dependent conceptualizations, activities, and references to directions from the user´s perspective. These specifications will allow to:
- select appropriate sensor data and to integrate data when and where needed,
- propose context-dependent routes, fitting to partly conflicting interests and goals,
- select appropriate communication method in terms of supporting the user guiding by various multimedia cartography forms.
To test and to demonstrate the approach and results this project takes a use case scenario - guiding visitors to institutes of the Technical University Vienna - and develops a prototype.

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Project Head Georg Gartner:
Fußgängernavigation in Gebäuden und im städtischen Umfeld

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