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M. Jobst, K Schaller:
"Virtual access to culture: A cartographic-archaeological approach";
Talk: VAST2004 - The 5th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Brüssel; 2004-12-07 - 2004-12-09; in: "VAST 2004", Y Chrysanthou, K Cain, N Silberman, F Niccolucci (ed.); (2004).

English abstract:
Cultural assets and cultural information databases become available via the world wide web increasingly. To enable a worldwide management and work with this amount of data, multilingual methods for the access, selection and data extraction have to be found. With the help of cartography, its use of human visual perception and multimodal presentation techniques, a feasible solution for effective information handling may be possible. The implementation of cartographic access and querying methods assume a consistent data-structure. The creation of these structures in form of a gazetteer should be the first conducting step in this cartographic-archaeological approach for a multilingual cultural heritage management tool.

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