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G. Gartner, M. Jobst:
"Cartographic LBS: what can they offer for natural diaster management?";
Talk: Cartographic Cutting-Edge Technology for Natural Hazard Management, Dresden; 10-20-2004 - 10-22-2004.

English abstract:
Location Based Services (LBS) are under development currently, being based on the developments of telecommunication infrastructure. With wireless communication and information transmission new forms and conditions of accessing geoinformation via cartographic interfaces can be achieved. The main concern of innovative applications has to be seen in the enabling of interactive, multimedia and, as an issue of special interest for all branches dealing with geo-information, map-based location-based services.
In this paper the main preconditions for concepting a cartographic LBS will be discussed. Major issue in this context include positioning, geo-data modelling and cartographic presentation. Various concepts will be adressed and experiences from existing application will be discussed.
In terms of specifications for cartographic LBS the focus is on functionalities to enable interactivity, restrictions concerning the display and the possibilities of multimedia on a mobile client. New concepts of presentation of spatial information on restricted displays are analyzed, as well as intuitive guidance and navigation (augmented reality interfaces, ubiquitous mapping).
Based on experiences and results of ongoing projects in the context of cartographic LBS some possbile implications for natural disaster managment will be given.

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