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M. Jobst:
"3D multimedia presentations - integrating remote sensing, photogrammetric modelling and cartographic visualisation";
Talk: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing XXth Congress, Istanbul; 2004-07-14; in: "Proceedings", O. Altan (ed.); Vol XXXV (2004), ISSN: 1682-1750.

English abstract:
Recent developments in computer science have influenced the use of Geo-imagery by expert groups and the general public. The processing methods of remote sensing results and photogrammetric recording have became more accurate, effective and the work flow is accelerated. The results, in general, are often used for engineering, documentation purposes and for the communication of environmental systems. By this, is meant that the understanding of the system plus its internal coherence is improved by the use of new digital presentation methods.
Cartography, as the communication interface of different user groups, tries to find and use more effectivly methods for communicating spatial information, by integrating the results of remote sensing and photogrammetry. With the use of multimedia, in the field of multimedia cartography, a new integrative communication form that uses interactivity, multitasking and different ways of coding information, can be explored. It has created a new paradigm for the visualisation of natural and cultural information related to
Within the cartographic communication process 3D multimedia cartography uses both symbolisation and generalisation to build
communication models. In addition, for very large scales, elements of the data management model, like photogrammetric models of objects, may be directly included in these types of cartographic resentations. The focus is to understand relationships between spatial objects using the techniques of Geo-communication.
This paper results from the integration of Geo-imagery and products from photogrammetry into the cartographic communication process using 3D multimedia cartography. It shows the effects on common understanding in terms of information and highlights the
possibilities of software implementation methods.

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