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M. Lechthaler:
"Koncept mobilne multimedijalne kartografske komunikacije";
Geodetski list, Zeitschrift der Kroatischen Geodätischen Gesellschaft, Zagreb. (invited), 3 (2004), 191 - 211.

English abstract:
UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) will be the emerging new standard for wireless communication and information transmission which will permit broadband internet access on mobile devices. This makes multimedia applications for wireless handheld devices become reality for the first time.
Map based interactive information system LoL@ (Local Location Assistant) - a demonstrator of Vienna's first mobile multimedia Tourist Guide - accompanies visitors through the historical first district of Vienna. LoL@ is able to determine the user's position, to give him a guided tour of various sights of the city and offers Location Based Services (LSB).
LoL@ is a result of a two-year-research project of the Institute of Cartography and Geo-Media Technology , Vienna University of Technology (URL 1), in co-operation with a Consortium of Austrian Research Institutes and Telecommunication Companies .ftw (URL 2).

Keywords: Tele-cartography, cartographic model, multimedia modelling process, interactive cartographic information system, location based services, mobile cartographic communication, dynamic visualization, server/client based technology of web publishing

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