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M. Lechthaler:
"Cartographic Models as a Basis for Geo-Communication";
Talk: International Conference on GIS - Croatia, Trogir, Croatia (invited); 2004-08-29 - 2004-09-03; in: "Geographical Information Systems in Research&Practice", Kerekovic, D. und GIS Forum - Hrvatski Informaticki Zbor (Hrsg), Zagreb, Croatia (2004), ISBN: 953-6129-27-2; 19 - 32.

English abstract:
In modern cartography of the late twentieth century the www offers an ideal platform for making communication with maps more feasible - on one hand. But on the other hand there have to be an understanding of the process and the methods how to generate cartographic models and then how to communicate spatial data, which means geo-information accurately and efficiently. Due to this focus, cartography has to fulfill the obligation to achieve both - the creation of cartographic presentation forms for the new media and the acception of responsibility on understanding the deep relations within the whole cartographic communication system, which includes the user, the models and the transmission.
The article presents a review over the challenge for cartographic communication to make the power of Web/IT mapping accessible to users, but at the same time to help users devoting resources of cartographic concept and rules to their web mapping applications. Many examples will point at the necessity of cartography knowledge bases, which could help map users to access, distribute and exchange different rules, map design (symbols, color schemes) and map layouts via new media.

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