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H. Von Webern, H. Kahmen:
"High Precision Object Monitoring by Theodolites using Gridline-Methods";
Talk: IWAA 2004 8th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment, Genf; 2004-10-04 - 2004-10-07; in: "CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research, IWAA 2004 8th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment", Genf (2004), 9 pages.

English abstract:
For monitoring slow rigid-body motions in a co-ordinate frame computer controlled theodolites are a promising approach. To avoid the use of artificial targets one solution is the grid-lin-method. Gridlines are virtual straight lines a spatial curves intersecting the surface. To find the wanted intersecting points an interative procedure is needed. The resulting arbitrarily dense meshes represent the object and enable the durivation of its motion. Although it is not possible to always measure the same object points, prints on exactly the same gridlines will be found. In the range of industrial applications, tes measurements led to accuracies of about 0,1 mm.

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