Contributions to Books:

W. Niemeier, H. Kahmen:
"Integrated Optimization of Landslide Alert Systems - EU Project OASYS";
in: "Heft 250, Festschrift H. Pelzer", Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten der Fachgruppe Vermessungswesen der Universität Hannover, Hannover, 2004, (invited), 177 - 184.

English abstract:
In the past decades there has already been done a wide range of research work related to the monitoring of landslides. Most of this research, however, had a bias towards one discipline. Therefore the international and really interdisciplinary project OASYS was started and is now funded mainly by the European Union. The main idea is that only the multidisciplinary approach, integrating different methods has the potential for substantial progress in natural hazard assessment and management.

The goal of the project OASYS is the development of a general methodology that allows to detect areas with potential landslides, to develop methods for an efficient and continuous observation of critical areas, to derive in real time information about the actual risk and to set up an alert system for the population.

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