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M. Haberler-Weber:
"A Fuzzy System for the Analysis of Geodetic Landslide Monitoring Data";
Talk: 3rd European Conference on Structural Control (3ECSC), Vienna University of Technology, Austria; 2004-07-12 - 2004-07-15; in: "Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Structural Control (3ECSC)", (2004), ISBN: 3-901167-90-0; 4-33 - 4-36.

English abstract:
Landslide risk analysis is an important field of research in our days. Within a project in the 5th framework programme of the E.U. a monitoring and alert system for landslides will be developped. One task of this project is to detect structures with different pattern of movement out of geodetic monitoring data. A new automated method based on fuzzy systems is presented here. Several influence parameters are described, and an example for the application of the algorithm is shown.

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