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K. Scipal, W. Wagner:
"Global soil moisture data and its potential for climatological and meteorological applications";
Talk: The 2004 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Prag; 2004-05-31 - 2004-06-04; in: "Proceedings of the EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference", (2004), ISBN: 92-9110-066-8.

English abstract:
Soil moisture is a key state variable of the global energy and water cycle. Accurate assessment of the soil moisture state and its spatial and temporal dynamics is therefore of crosscutting importance for many disciplines. Considerable technological progress during the last three decades leave no doubt that remote sensing from space afford the possibility of obtaining frequent global sampling of soil moisture over large fractions of the earth surface. Only recently the first global soil moisture data set based on remotely sensed data has been presented. The data set is derived from measurements taken by the ERS scatterometer, a coarse resolution active microwave instrument. First validation studies, using soil moisture data from global climate models and field data, indicate the good overall performance of the derived information. This paper gives an overview of our experiences gained with the ERS scatterometer as a basis to understand the potential of the Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT, which will be the operational continuation of the ERS scatterometers onboard EUMETSATs Polar System METOP.

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