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T. Melzer, C. Briese:
"Extraction and Modeling of Power Lines from ALS Point Clouds";
Talk: Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (ÖAGM), Hagenberg; 2004-06-17 - 2004-06-18; in: "Proceedings of 28th Workshop", Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft, (2004), 47 - 54.

English abstract:
Due to its ability to provide dense, fast and accurate range
measurements, airborne laser scanning (ALS) is becoming increasingly
popular for extensive, large area surveying tasks; however, there is
still a lack of (published) methods for 3D segmentation and object
modeling that exploit the full potential of this new technology. In
this paper, we investigate strategies for extracting and
reconstructing power lines in 3D from ALS point clouds and give
preliminary results for a 1000m X 140m test scan; exact
3D-reconstructions of power lines are important for energy providers
in order to assert that the physical parameters of the cable are still
within a safe margin and to quickly detect anomalies or defects.

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