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J. Jansa, N. Studnicka, G. Forkert, A. Haring, H. Kager:
"Terrestrial Laserscanning and Photogrammetry - Acquisition Techniques Complementing One Another";
Talk: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing XXth Congress, Istanbul; 2004-07-12 - 2004-07-23; in: "Proceedings", O. Altan (ed.); Vol XXXV, Part B/7 (2004), ISSN: 1682-1750; 948 - 953.

English abstract:
The high spatial resolution of photogrammetric imaging and the excellent capability of measuring the 3D space by laser scanningbear a great potential if combined for both data acquisition and data compilation. One field of the Christian Doppler ResearchLaboratory at I.P.F. for "Spatial Data from Laser Scanning and Remote Sensing" focuses on exploiting this potential, in particular interrestrial applications. The Austrian company NoLimits as one of the labīs partners uses this sort of fusion for city modelling.NoLimits operates a City Scanner, a mobile mapping device with Riegl scanner and digital camera. Accuracy after a blockadjustment can be improved by up to a factor of three if both technology were utilised simultaneously, as first investigationsdemonstrate. Besides, combining both data sets presents an opportunity of quick and illustrative visualisation of the objects underinvestigation.

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