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C. Bauerhansl, F. Rottensteiner, C. Briese:
"Determination of Terrain Models by Digital Image-Matching Methods";
Talk: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing XXth Congress, Istanbul; 2004-07-12 - 2004-07-23; in: "Proceedings", O. Altan (ed.); Vol XXXV, Part B/4 (2004), ISSN: 1682-1750; 414 - 419.

English abstract:
Today, digital terrain models (DTMs) are used in many fields of science and practice. When modelling the earth´s surface it isnecessary to make a clear distinction between terrain models, i.e. models representing the terrain in the sense of the `bare soil´, andsurface models, i.e. models that also include artificial buildings and vegetation. A DTM should not be influenced by off-terrainpoints such as points on vegetation and on buildings. Hierarchical robust filtering, a method for eliminating the influence of the offterrain-points in DTM generation, has been shown to give good results for airborne laser-scanner-data. In this paper, we want toshow that this method can also be applied successfully to improve the quality of DTMs created by image matching techniques. Thosetechniques deliver a digital surface model containing disturbances such as houses and forests, even if filtering methods are anintegral part of the matching process. Hierarchical robust filtering, implemented in the program package SCOP++, can be used inorder to eliminate these errors in the DTM. The results presented in this paper show the improvement of DTMs created by matchingmethods that can be achieved by this method, using test data from different areas of interest.

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