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C. Ressl:
"Experimental Results on the Determination of the Trifocal Tensor Using Nearly Coplanar Point Correspondences";
Poster: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing XXth Congress, Istanbul; 2004-07-12 - 2004-07-23; in: "Proceedings", O. Altan (ed.); Vol XXXV, Part B/3 (2004), ISSN: 1682-1750; 64 - 69.

English abstract:
In this article we examine the computation of the trifocal tensor from di erent view points: the minimization of algebraic
or reprojection error, the consideration of the internal constraints, and the e ect of nearly coplanar object points. It is
shown using synthetic data, that a correct solution for the trifocal tensor can be obtained as long as the object points
deviate from a common plane by at least 1 % of the viewing distance. Using real data it is shown that the orientation
parameters derived from the tensor can be successfully used to initialize a subsequent bundle block adjustment.

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