Contributions to Books:

G. Gartner:
"TeleCartography: Maps, Multimedia and the mobile Internet";
in: "Maps and the Internet", M. Peterson (ed.); Elsevier, Oxford, 2003, ISBN: 0-08-044201-3, 385 - 396.

English abstract:
The Internet is changing the way maps are used (Peterson 1999). Internet cartography offers better accessibility for the user, enabling higher actuality (van Elzakker 2000) and easier distribution of maps. It is argued here that the availability of mobile wireless input/output devices and an infrastructure for wireless submission of information to any location, are leading to further improvements in Internet cartography. Location Based Services, in particular, offer new possibilities for cartographic communication and services, although a number of restrictions still exists. In this context, the application of multimedia techniques is a necessity and a benefit for the cartographic communication process. This is demonstrated through results from several projects.

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