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E. Brückl:
"A Seismic Experiment to Explore the Alpine Lithosphere.";
Poster: AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, San Francisco; 2002-12-01 - 2002-12-07; in: "AGU 2002", AGU, (2002).

English abstract:
ALP 2002 is an international seismic experiment whose scientific objective is to further scientific understanding of the structure and evolution of the lithosphere in the Eastern Alps and surrounding areas of the Bohemian Massif, the Pannonian basin and the Dinarides. This effort included passive seismic monitoring during portions of June and July 2002 and an active source seismic refraction experiment conducted from 1-6 July 2002. During the active source seismic experiment, 31 appropriately designed seismic shots were fired and about 1000 portable seismic recorders were deployed along 13 lines with a total length of about 4300 km. Furthermore, local high-density deployments and additionally 8 smaller shots were carried out in Austria and Hungary. The ALP 2002 was designed to merge perfectly into the CELEBRATION 2000 experiment, and it is tied to the TRANSALP reflection line on the west. All record sections are ready being interpreted and samples of recordings demonstrating the high quality of the data will be presented. By merging the data from ALP 2002 with the data from the third deployment of CELEBRATION 2000 a unique data set will be generated. A joint interpretation of this data from them will produce a 3-D model of the crust and mantle lithosphere that will resolve the major plate tectonic features. Furthermore, it will support the planning and interpretation of future deep seismic reflection lines in this area and will aid in our understanding of earthquake activity.

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Project Head Ewald Brückl:
ALP 2002 - Ein seismisches 3D-Modell der Ostalpen

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