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H. Kahmen:
"Rückblick auf die Arbeiten der IAG Special Commission 4 on Application of Geodesy to Engineering 1999 - 2003";
Talk: 23. IUGG General Assembly, Sapporo, Japan; 2003-06-30 - 2003-07-11.

English abstract:
Rapid developments in engineering , microelectronics and computer sciences have significantly changed both instrumentation and methodology in geodesy and geotechnics. To build higher and longer, on the other hand, have been key challenges for engineers and scientists since ancient times. Now and in the foreseeable future, engineers confront the limits of size, not merely to set records, but to meet the real needs of society minimizing negative environmental impact. Highly developed techniques are needed to meet these challenges for the 21st century.
The objectives of IAG Special Commission 4, influenced by these challenges, are on the one hand, to document the body of knowledge in the fields "Geodesy, Geotechniques and Engineering" and, on the other hand, to encourage new developments and present them in an consistent framework.

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