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M. Haberler-Weber, H. Kahmen:
"Detection of Landslide Block Boundaries by means of an Affine Coordinate Transformation";
Poster: 11th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements, Santorin, Griechenland; 2003-05-25 - 2003-05-28; in: "Proceedings 11th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements", 2 (2003), 355 - 361.

English abstract:
For a new approach in landslide monitoring, it is important to detect the boundaries between blocks with different directions and rates of movement, so that at these boundaries the changes of movement can be monitored with high precision geotechnical sensors. The idea is to use the displacement vectors (which can be found by a deformation analysis) to split the monitored points into the several blocks.
The assumption is that points lying on one block will have a similar pattern of movement. With the help of the results of an over-determined affine transformation, you can distinguish if all the used points are lying on one common block or if one point of a neighbouring block was taken into account by mistake.
The residuals of the over-determined transformation are a good indicator for this distinction. The analysis of the residuals is done by a fuzzy system which must decide in each step of the iterative algorithm if the searching algorithm should be stopped. The input parameters of the fuzzy system are e.g. the range of the residuals, the change of the standard deviation compared to the last step, and strain parameters. Output of the fuzzy system is a value representing the probability that all the used points are forming one common block.
An example will be given to present the capabilities of this approach.

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