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M. Raubal, S. Winter:
"Enriching Wayfinding Instructions with Local Landmarks";
in: "Geographic Information Science", M. Egenhofer, D. Mark (ed.); Springer, Berlin, 2002, 243 - 259.

English abstract:
Navigation services communicate optimal routes to users by providing
sequences of instructions for these routes. Each single instruction guides the wayfinder from one decision point to the next. The instructions are based on geometric data from the street network, which is typically the only dataset available. This paper addresses the question of enriching such wayfinding instructions with local landmarks. We propose measures to formally specify the landmark saliency of a feature. Values for these measures are subject to hypothesis tests in order to define and extract landmarks from datasets. The extracted landmarks are then integrated in the wayfinding instructions. A concrete example from the city of Vienna demonstrates the applicability and usefulness of the method.

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