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G. Gartner, S. Uhlirz:
"Cartograpic Concepts for Realizing a Location Based UMTS Service: Vienna City Guide "Lol@"";
Talk: 20th International Cartographic Conference, Beijing, China; 08-06-2001 - 08-10-2001; in: "Mapping the 21st Century - The 20th International Cartographic Conference", (2001), ISBN: 7-5030-1018-5; 3229 - 3238.

English abstract:
UMTS (universal mobile telecommunication system) is a soon coming new standard for wireless communication and information transmission. Considering the enormous increase of bandwidth potential with UMTS, the main concern of innovative applications has to be seen in the enabling of interactive applications with multimedia features and, as an issue of special interest for all branches dealing with geo-information, location-based services (LCS). In this context, maps play an important role, as they can be seen as the most effective tools for transmitting all kind of spatial information. While it is no matter of discussion, that spatial information are decisive for many parts of human life as well as for business decisions, the efficient transmission of spatial information includes not only the aspect of which graphical tools are appropriate, but also which conditions of accessing and browsing the information are available. In this context, mobile handheld devices, as they can be expected in an UMTS-environment, can be seen an an important step in the "digital revolution" of cartography, enabling a time- and space-independent access to all kind of digital forms of presentations of spatial information.

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