Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Wurm:
"Development and Testing of a Tacheometer-based Profiling System for the Leica TPS 1100-Series";
Supervisor: H. Kahmen, K. Chmelina; Institut für Geodäsie und Geophysik, 2002.

English abstract:
The focus of this thesis is to investigate the most common systems and methods for profiling in tunnels, roads and any other situations and to compare it with a new system, based on Leica´s TPS1100-Series, created by the author itself. The new system, named PROCON for PROfile CONtrol, is a Geobasic application, a special computer language created by Leica to compile applications for the TPS1100 tacheometer-Series. This thesis figures out what is new PROCON, what are the pros and cons and what are the differences to other solutions.

Basically the new idea behind PROCON is that all procedures for profiling can be done only with the help of the TPS1100 tacheometer system, from an automated survey to the presentation of the results, a comparison of the measurement results and the planned data. Therefore a computer software was developed, which is executed on the tacheometer. All the necessary planned data is copied onto the PCMCIA-card before measuring in form of ASCII-files. This data is accessed by PROCON and used for a comparison with the measured data.

The main advantages of PROCON to other common profiling techniques are the following:

- Automatic measurement of the profiles
- Onboard calculation of the measurements
- Onboard presentation of the results, dhe deviations of the profile to be planned data
- Immediate visualisation of the measured points on the surface of the measured object

The main word in the list is "onboard". Especially the possibility of an immediate visualistion of the measured points is a novelty of the system. With the help of this tool the user is able to point a laser dot onto the object´s surface and visualise special points of interest.

The system also could be tested in a tunnel in New Zealand. The results are presented in the thesis as well.

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