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G. Gartner, R. Ditz:
"About the Applicability of Interactivity for Selected Methods of Thematic Cartography";
Poster: 20th International Cartographic Conference, Beijing, China; 08-06-2001 - 08-10-2001; in: "Mapping the 21st Century - The 20th Int. Cartographic Conference", (2001), ISBN: 7-5030-1018-5; 1833 - 1842.

English abstract:
Interactive applications play an important role in the age of multimedia. Each application has to be interactive nowadays in order to meet the current user expectations. The same holds true in the fields of cartography. Each electronic map or electronic atlas has to offer interactivity. But does each cartographic presentation on screen, especially thematic maps, meet the requirements for being an interactive application? In order to find answers to this question the consideration of the context of cartographic methodology and applied interactivity function, especially on thematic maps, has to be analyzed and evaluated. To find indications on the efficiency of applying interactivity on maps two examples of cartographic methodology are chosen for demonstrating the context.

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