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K. Chmelina:
"A Concept for Intelligent 3-D Displacement Monitoring";
Talk: Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering, Berlin; 2002-05-21 - 2002-05-24; in: "Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering II", Berlin (2002), ISBN: 3-9501492-1-x; 168 - 177.

English abstract:
The monitoring of 3-d displacements by use of automatic measurement systems like computer-controlled motorized total stations has become a standard technique for the detection of deformations on natural or artificial objects (landslides, tunnels, bridges, dams, etc.). Mostly these systems are designed to carry out measurements periodically, strictly following a pre-defined time interval. This measuring concept completely disregards all the informations that could be found in the data already acquired (accuracies, outliers, critical trends, unexpected behaviour, specific patterns, changes of displacement velocities, differences, rations, etc.). Also additional informations describing the current state of the object to be observed or its surrounding such as the data of other sensors of ongoing construction activities (e. g. the excavation process in a tunnel) are usually not considered for controlling the automatic measuring process. As a consequence data is either collected more often than necessary, at areas of no interest or even might be missing. Measuring all and as often as possible could be a solution but soon leads to a time-consuming human interpretation work of a huge amount of data.
Following there is presented the concept of a knowledge based system supposed to control the measuring process by an automatic interpretation of all acquired data. The system treats all data as fuzzy-facts and uses selectable heuristic rules for representing the expert-knowledge enabling an online data-interpretation and the dynamic updating of the parameters that control the measuring process.

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