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G. Gartner:
"Geokommunikation in LBS";
Talk: GeoPo 2002 Workshop on Location-Based Services and Mobile Navigation, Podersdorf; 2002-06-25 - 2002-06-26.

English abstract:
Guiding instructions for pedestrian navigation consist of spatially related information. The main elements of guiding instructions for supporting pedestrian navigation are usually resulting from general routing functions and, optionally, guiding functions along predefined routes. The main elements, including starting point, target point, decision points and route graphs, have to be translated into "communicative guiding instructions" for available output modes, like maps or textual orders. The "quality" of the translation of the guiding information into a "communicative" form has to be seen in the context of the problem of matching a guiding instruction with the reality by the guided person, which is dependent on various influencing parameters, including the skills of the guided person, the "validity" of the instruction in terms of semantically, geometrically, temporarily correctness or usability or the technical restrictions of output devices. - The presentation will give an overview of experiences and examples from work being done at the department of cartography / TU Vienna in this context.

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