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G. Gartner, W. Cartwright, A. Riedl:
"GeoMultimedia and Multimedia Cartography";
Talk: CORP 2001 Geo-Multimedia 01, Wien; 2001-02-14 - 2001-02-16; in: "CORP 2001 - GeoMultimedia 01", Selbstverlag des Instituts für EDV-gestützte Methoden in Architektur und Raumplanung, Band 2 (2001), ISBN: 3-901673-05-9; 245 - 251.

English abstract:
The term "GeoMultimedia" conjures up a number of exploration and realisation tools that can be applied to the visualization of the earth and the built environment. Cartography has developed geo(visualization) tools apace with the development of general multimedia software and hardware and the cartographic profession now embraces interactive multimedia as a key component of what this geo-scientific community offers to planning professionals and the general public. It is argued that Multimedia Cartography, a "new" method of access to and representation of geospatial information, is different to what could be described as the "traditional" cartographic methods and therefore a "fledgling" cartographic genre that demands investigations regarding how it might be used for the exploration of geospatial information and the exploitation of the myriads of geospatial databases now available and being generated. This paper will specify what is unique about multimedia cartography, how it can be applied to the visualization of landscapes and cityscapes and its applications for both expert and novice users. It addresses the issues that demand research to ascertain the "best" method of usage for particular applications. And, it proposes methods by which multimedia cartography research and applications might be advanced.

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