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F. Rottensteiner, P. Grussenmeyer, M. Geneva:
"Experiences with the Digital Photogrammetric Program Package ORPHEUS Based on CIPA's "Zurich City Hall" Dataset for Architectural Photogrammetry";
Poster: International Symposium of CIPA, Potsdam; 2002-09-18 - 2002-09-21; in: "The ISPRS International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences", Volume XXXIV-5/C7 (2002), ISSN: 1682-1750; 639 - 646.

English abstract:
It is the goal of this paper to describe a contribution to CIPA?s Zurich test. The test project has been worked out using the PC-based digital photogrammetric program ORPHEUS. In order to show the flexibility and applicability of the program under quite general circumstances, several variants of both blocks were computed. After that, 3D photo models of the Zurich city hall were created. The results are reported, and the variants are compared to each other. The test blocks were additionally plotted using the widely used software package PhotoModeler in order to obtain a reference for comparison. The paper describes the main features of ORPHEUS, with emphasis on robust hybrid adjustment, the observation types which can be used and the work flow for the production of 3D photo models. Fictitious observations were applied for orientation/self-calibration (e.g., as horizontal and/or plumb lines) and for the 3D determination of points only being visible in one photograph. ORPHEUS is very flexible with respect to the control information which can be used. Another focus of the paper will be the presentation of the results of the Zurich blocks and a comparison of different variants of block computation.

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