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F. Rottensteiner, J. Jansa:
"Automatic Extraction of Buildings from Lidar Data and Aerial Images";
Talk: Symposium der ISPRS-Comm. IV, Ottawa, Canada; 2002-07-08 - 2002-07-12; in: "International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing", Volume XXXIV / 4 (2002), ISSN: 1682-1750; 569 - 574.

English abstract:
This paper is focused on two topics: first, it deals with a technique for the automated generation of 3D building models from directly observed LIDAR point clouds and digital aerial images, and second, it describes an object-relational technique for handling hybrid topographic data in a topographic information system. Automatic building extraction combining the mentioned data sources consists of three steps. First, candidate regions for buildings have to be detected. After that, initial polyhedral building models have to be created in these candidate regions in a bottom-up procedure. Third, these initial polyhedral building models have to be verified in the images to improve the accuracy of their geometric parameters. This paper describes the current state of development, the overall work flow, and the algorithms used in its individual stages. Intermediate results are presented.

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