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C. Ries, W. Pillmann, K. Kellner, P. Stadler:
"Urban Green Space Management Information - Processing and Use of Remote Sensing Images and Scanner Data";
Talk: EnviroInfo Vienna 2002, Vienna University of Technology; 2002-09-25 - 2002-09-27; in: "Proceedings of "Environmental Informatics 2002"", Part 1 (2002), ISBN: 3-9500036-7-3; 503 - 510.

English abstract:
Information on urban greenery is vital for planning, design and maintenance of the urban environment. This paper describes the monitoring of phytotopes in Vienna for the management of urban greenery using remote sensing methods. The present use of infrared images and the potential of digital images for whole city inventories is discussed. Starting with the background of the BIOTOPMONITORING VIENNA program, the processing chain of air-borne, multi-spectral scanner data is outlined. Especially the georeferencing of scanner data records with it?s important spatial impact on the following steps is discussed in closer detail. Additional information on applications of BIOTOPMONITORING and from the COST E12 Action ?Urban Forests and Trees?, provide an insight in the latest development of monitoring methods in European cities.

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