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    title = {Geomorfol{\'o}giai vizsg{\'a}latok a Kisalf{\"o}ld nyugati perem{\'e}n georefer{\'a}lt t{\"o}rt{\'e}nelmi t{\'e}rk{\'e}pek {\'e}s digit{\'a}lis domborzati adatok alapj{\'a}n (English: Geomorphologic investigations of the western margin of the Little Hungarian Plain based on rectified historical maps and digital terrain model analysis)},
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    note = {poster presentation: Nyugat-Magyarorsz{\'a}g {\'e}s a hat{\'a}rmenti regi{\'o}k geol{\'o}gi{\'a}ja {\'e}s geofizik{\'a}ja HUNTEK Workshop, Sopron; 2007-09-20 -- 2007-09-22}

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